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Areas of Practice


Catch-Up Bookkeeping

Tax time approaching? Did the whole year go by and you only have the numbers in your bank account to analyze the year's success? We have performed hundreds of catch-up bookkeeping jobs and we can take care of yours too. 

Whether you're 3 months or 3 years behind the time to act is now. 

We're here to bring clarity to where your money keeps going.  

MOnthly Accounting

Need additional help in the AR department? Or looking for a full-charge accountant to organize the financials and make sense of the numbers? 

We are here for you. 

We specialize in online bookkeeping services for small and medium-sized businesses. Kubik Accounting is passionate and goes above and beyond basic number crunching.

Our virtual accounting services free you from your accounting headaches and give you one-on-one support to help you master your finances.

You’ll get a certified online bookkeeper to support your business. Not only are they dedicated to their accounting profession, but also dedicated to high-quality customer service. Any question you ask via email, call, text, will be answered in a prompt and efficient manner. 

Cheif Financial officer

Small businesses that hire a virtual CFO get access to an experienced financial professional at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO.

We are passionate about more than providing you with sound financials through bookkeeping. We want to help you truly understand those reports. We will analyze them, create a proposed budget and a forecast to show the path of where your business is going now and where it COULD go if you did XYZ.

Our CFO services are built on actionable steps that you can put into practice instantly. 

Depending on the goals of your business, your CFO may suggest several different tactics to help make your business more profitable. An entrepreneur that wants to attract investors will need a different focus from their CFO when compared to an entrepreneur that's trying to add more products to their offering. 

Business owners who invest in CFOs are ready to excel the growth of your business and begin strategizing around your finances.