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Welcome! We do things a little differently here....

After working with and listening to many prospects and clients, we have decided it's best for all parties involved to be able to "pick and choose" which services they need. 

We have "crunched the numbers" and came up with an efficient way for you to choose your own services A La Carte. We love working with new businesses who are just getting going and need extra help in the bookkeeping area, but have found that our flat rate pricing for full-charge bookkeeping just isn't going to cut it for their budget. They may only temporarily need Receivable and Payable help...or they may have the data entry part covered, but just need a professional eye for the bank reconciliations. With our method, we can still help those businesses we are passionate about and make sure they get the professional accounting they need without having to sacrifice anything. 

This "pick and choose" method works great for new and for established businesses. How? Because the way we have packaged and priced these "products" it can benefit all business sizes. 

There is no contract, you can decide to not continue with our services next month...or you can simply "pause" it until you are ready to get going again, this ensures your pricing will stay the same. Say you're having a rough month, but you don't want to lose the relationship you've started with problem! We understand. Simply pause our services and we will patiently wait for you to return in the coming months. 

How does this work?

Simply browse our services below and add the ones you need to your cart. (Within each service is a full description of what you can expect from that service.)

Add each service until you are ready to checkout

Leave your phone number when prompted at checkout 

You will receive an emailed receipt, a confirmation email that we received your order and will be in touch within the next business day 

Your new dedicated accountant will call you within 1 business day to get started! 

It's that simple! 


Monthly Financial Statements

Monthly Financial Statements


Monthly Financial Statements

Financial Statements are helpful business reports such as, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Sales by Product, Sales by Service, and different helpful variations of the Profit and Loss report. 

As are most accounting procedures...this is certainly essential to keep at top of mind. Many new business owners are looking at and reviewing these reports, but some may not know how to decipher them or how to gain the most helpful information from them. 

That's where we would like to help you! Typically, this should be combined with data entry and bank reconciliation services. But if you have a great bookkeeper who does those two things and you just need some more guidance on reviewing your monthly financials, then this will be a great pick for you.  

What we will do for you: 

  • Connect to your online accounting software 
  • Review your monthly reports to see if there's anything that could be lacking/missing that will need to be fixed before we can give you true financial data
  • Download and send helpful and essential financial reports including, but not limited to, Profit and Loss, Profit and Loss variations, Balance Sheet, Sales Report variations, Accounts Receivable Report, Accounts Payable Report
  • A thorough, yet time-efficient video of your dedicated accountant reviewing the reports. You will be able to see the reports as they are going through them and they will point out important information and trends that are happening with your business, as well as what could happen if you continued down your current path (good or bad!)

What to expect after you purchase this service: 

  • You will immediately receive an emailed receipt regarding your purchase
  • You will receive another immediate email letting you know we received your order and will be in contact with you by the next business day 
  • With the phone number you provide at checkout, your dedicated accountant will call you by the next business day to get started 
  • As soon as we receive the necessary information to get started on providing you excellent service, we will get started! 
  • GUARANTEE: If you provided your valid phone number at checkout and you don't receive a call from us by the next business day, the first month of your service is fully refundable. 
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